Jordi Dalmau

JORDI DALMAU with more than ten years in the bridal fashion sector, goes on innovating and suiting a “novel” bride who wants to be different from other covering herself in a dreamy dress.

The delicate craftsmanship and careful design he offers to every creation, give them a personal and untransferable seal that brides increasingly want to look at this special day.

JORDI DALMAU was born in 2001 as a young and dynamic company, willing to break the mold in the nuptial sector, by its bet in colour in wedding dresses. Its career has been useful to improve each of its designs, standing out the best of its brides, with projects full of hope to be consolidated in this sector, due to its differentiation and originality.

It is in the details that Jordi manages to propose a dress to the bride that really suits the one she has always dreamt.